Uncovering Exceptional<br>Mutual Funds


The Mutual Fund Informer is a newsletter designed to help individual investors to select and analyze mutual funds for their portfolios. The Mutual Fund Informer is published by ICLUBcentral Inc., a maker of commonsense software and tools for individual investors and investment clubs, with roots that go back to 1989.

Each month, our analysts and editors present profiles of high-quality mutual funds with superior track records —the kinds of mutual funds that provide the best opportunities for investors to meet (or even beat) the overall market over the long term. We’ll help you find the best funds for your 401(k) or IRA retirement plans, as well as help you reach other goals.

Every issue of the Mutual Fund Informer also includes educational articles on topics for beginning investors and on retirement planning. Our intent is to help subscribers grasp the basics of fund investing in order to find investment success.